Trains from Barcelona to Caen

I have a Eurorail pass and am trying to find a way to get from Barcelona on the 23rd of April to Caen before the 25th of April...What would be the best option for me to get there?
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  • If you have a Eurail pass that includes both France and Spain like the Eurail France-Spain or Eurail Global Pass, then you would only need passholder reservations in addition to pass for your route.

    While there is not a direct train from Barcelona to Caen your best option would involve 2 trains: an overnight train from Barcelona to Paris Austerlitz and a morning train from Paris St. Lazare to Caen. Since the 2 trains operate from different stations in Paris you would need to allow at least 1 hour transit time between the staions. Paris St. Lazare is approximately 4 miles north of Paris Austerlitz. A taxi would be the most direct option between the 2 stations, however you may take city trains for this transit. The northbound Regional Express C goes from Paris Austerlitz to the Invalides station, from Invalides you would take the northbound Metro Urban #13 to Paris St. Lazare. You would purchase the city train tickets locally as they are not cover by either the Eurail France-Spain or Eurail Global Pass.

    You would enter the Barcelona to Paris and Paris to Caen passholder reservations separately at .
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