Transfer Time at Madrid Atocha Station

Would 9 minutes be enough time for me to transfer at the Madrid Atocha station?

Seville - Madrid

TRANSFER: 9 mins

Madrid - Barcelona Sants
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 05, 2016 19:25

    It's doable, but I would still say that would be cutting it too close at a station like Madrid Atocha. I would recommend that you allow yourself something more like 15 to 20 minutes to change trains at the Madrid Atocha station. If you ever wish to arrange for a transfer time of your choosing, you would just do a separate search each segment of a connection. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Seville to Madrid and another search for connecting trains from Madrid to Barcelona.

    Trains between Seville and Madrid are high-speed AVE and Alvia trains, and the trains from Madrid to Barcelona are high-speed AVE trains.
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