Is 13 minutes enough to change trains at the station on the way from Amsterdam to Bruges? What happens if you miss the connecting train?

Hello! My 20 yr old son wants to travel from Amsterdam to Bruges. There is a transfer from a Thalys train to another train. There is 13 min for the transfer. Is that enough time for the transfer? What happens if he misses it? He only speaks English. Thank you
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 06, 2017 16:43
    Hi Mary,

    For a connection from Amsterdam to Bruges, the train change would be at the Brussels Midi station, which is a very large station. At this station, 13 minutes would make for a very tight connection. I would recommend something more like 20 minutes at the Brussels Midi station. However, with his ticket from Amsterdam to Brussels, he would actually be able to take any connecting train from Brussels to Bruges within 24 hours of his arrival into Midi. Therefore, he would not be confined to taking the train departing only 13 minutes after his arrival.

    By doing a search from Amsterdam to Bruges, you would be issued a special fare on the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Brussels that would also be valid for a connecting train to Bruges at no additional cost. This fare is called an 'ABS' (Any Belgian Station) fare. The only ticket we issue would be from Amsterdam to Brussels, but by virtue of being booked as an ABS fare, you can rest assured that it would also be accepted on a connecting train from Brussels to Bruges within a time period of 24 hours after arrival into Brussels.

    To verify that you'll be issued an ABS ticket for this route, you would just click the 'View' button for the fare you're purchasing. After you click 'View', it would explain about the ABS fare in the text displayed with each of the options listed under 'Ticket Flexibility'.
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    • Thank you, Jeff, for your reply. This helps to clarify the reason there is only the Thalys ticket from Amsterdam to Brussels issued because it includes the ABS fare for travel from Any Belgium Station. It took me awhile to figure it out, but I do see that there are many trains that leave Brussels for Bruges that he can take if he does not make the one that is leaving 13 minutes after he arrives in Brussels. It is good to know that he can use the ABS ticket on any of those trains. I am curious though. He is traveling from Bruges to Brussels the next morning. Is that ticket still good for that trip if it is within 24 hours of his arrival to Brussels the day before?
    • Jeff (Official Rep) June 09, 2017 20:29
      Hi Mary,Yes, exactly. Your son can definitely use his ticket to take the connecting train to Bruges the following morning, as long as the departure falls within 24 hours of his arrival into Brussels.
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