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Travel in Switzerland; Swiss Flex Pass?

We are traveling to Europe in May and planning to spend several days in Switzerland. I am trying to determine if the 3 or 4-day Swiss flex pass is the best way to travel.

We are traveling from Strasbourg to Lauterbrunnen, so will not be able to use the pass that day.

But, then will be in Lauterbrunnen 3 nights, planning to travel on the lifts.

Day 1 of the pass - day of traveling around Lauterbrunnen area (but might not do Jungfraujoch or Schlitthorn We night do the Wengernalp or Mannlicken instead.

Day 2 of the pass - travel from Lauterbrunnen to Zermatt

Day 3 of the pass - travel in Zermattt (Gornergrat or Matterhorn Glacial Paradise?

Day 4 of the pass - travel later from Lugano to Zurich.(we are going from Zermatt to Milan, Italy for a few days then back via Lugano to Zurich)

Much of our travel is between countries, so cannot use the Swiss pass, but we dn't think enough to use a Eurail 4 country pass due to high cost of the first class pass.

Our biggest concern is the possibility of bad weather in Zermatt so would not go up the lifts.

Have to spend CHF 87 for the adults and CHF 77 for the young adults (average per day) to make it worth it. If close, it is fine...the convenience of the pass is worth something, but at the same time, it is an expensive trip and do not want to spend hundreds more dollars/CHF than we need.

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