Travel with dog in France, Spain and Portugal


Im planning to travel from the UK with my dog, down to Lisbon, Portugal.
My question is, whats the rules for dogs on trains? My dog is a 9kg Jack Russell.

Regarding France, this is what I have found:
Is this information correct, it mentions 2014 on there so I want to make sure.

Regarding Spain, this is what I have found:

It seem to be ok to have a dog of 9kg, if he is in a carrier. Is this information correct/up to date?

And finally, for Portugal I cant find any specific information..

Would be grateful for some insight here as I dont want to get stranded on a station with luggage and a dog in my hands.

thank you
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 02, 2018 19:36
    Hi Maxwell,

    Yes, the information you found regarding travel within France and Spain is valid.

    Rest assured, you can also travel with your dog in Portugal. When traveling with a dog, you would just have to expect the following:

    1.) The requirement that your dog be leashed, and in some cases, even muzzled.

    2.) The possibility that the conductor would move you to another part of the train if any neighboring passengers object to the presence of your dog.

    3.) The need of a separate ticket for your dog. You would purchase the ticket for your dog at the station before you board. Generally, a dog ticket would be 25-50% off the local price of a 2nd class ticket (even if you’ll be traveling in 1st class).

    4.) The requirement of appropriate documentation, such as a dog registration certificate and health card.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) August 02, 2018 19:39
      Regarding the travel you mentioned, however, one thing you'll want to keep in mind is that the Eurostar (the train from London to Paris that connects the UK with continental Europe) does not allow pets on board. Therefore, as for getting from the UK to continental Europe itself, you would have to find some other form of transportation.
    • Thank you for your very quick reply, much appreciated.

      Yes, I forgot to mention that I did know that about Eurostar and plan to have someone drive me to France and then take the train from Calais to Paris

      Would you happen to be able to help me with this route? From the euro tunnel to Paris by train. And is there any specific rules there ? SNCF seem to run between those two, so should be fine?

      As of now my route is looking like this:
      - Train from euro tunnel to Paris
      - Paris to Barcelona
      - Barcelona to Seville
      - And then bus to Faro Portugal (stopping there for a week before heading to Lisbon)
      Question is, can I get some kind of travel pass for the whole journey or should i buy at each station? i guess i need to buy at each station as i need to do so for my dog. but perhaps buying some kind of travel pass for myself for the whole journey would save me some money?

      finally, are you saying leashed and/possibly muzzle would be enough? I dont need to buy this carrier that I have been looking at:

      thanks again for your help!
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  • Dave (Official Rep) August 03, 2018 16:38
    Hello Maxwell,

    For this itinerary, I would probably recommend point to point tickets, from Calais to Paris, Paris to Barcelona, and Barcelona to Seville. If you book far enough in advance I believe tickets will be more cost effective than a rail pass plus reservations, since we're really just talking about 3 trains, all of which can offer advance purchase discounts. You can purchase tickets for yourself on our site, and as Jeff mentioned earlier the ticket for your pet locally. The bus to Faro can also be purchased locally. The leash and / or muzzle should be fine by itself, but if you can carry it, it certainly would not hurt to bring a carrier as well. Thanks again!
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