travel between Paris and London and then throughout England

I will be travelling from Paris to London and then throughout England. I need to get from London to York and then from Youk to Lancaster, Durham, Berwick upon Tweed and then to Banbury. Is there a pass that covers both the travel in England as well as the trip from Paris to London.
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  • Hello Douglas,
    We can recommend a BritRail England pass and they are available for flexi and consecutive days. You can purchase a pass holder fare for the Eurostar from Paris to London, but this will activate your Rail Pass. Therefore a flexi pass might be the better option or look for one of the many discounted fares we offer for the Eurostar train.
    Hope this helps.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) April 26, 2017 18:20

      As of this year, BritRail Passes no longer enable passengers to receive any kind of Passholder rate on the Eurostar.

      While that is true with regard to BritRail Passes, any Eurail Pass that includes France is now valid to cover Eurostar trains running between Paris and the UK, while any Eurail Pass that includes the Benelux is valid to cover Eurostar trains running between Brussels and the UK. As a supplement to the Eurail Pass, reservations on the Eurostar would still be necessary.

      If a BritRail Pass is the only rail pass with which you’ll be traveling, then it would be necessary to purchase regular tickets in order to ride on the Eurostar. Please note, this applies to any BritRail Pass, including the BritRail England Pass, the BritRail London Plus Pass, the BritRail South West Pass, and the regular BritRail Pass.
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