Travel Confusion!


I will be traveling with one friend this summer. We are starting in Paris (3 days), Florence (2 days), Salzburg (3 days), Munich (3 days), Prague (3 days), Vienna (2 days), and back to Munich to fly back the the USA.

We are completely overwhelmed with this process. We would like to travel second class, the easiest and cheapest way possible. Our trip is rather unique and it is very difficult to find advice for us.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Hi Cassandra,

    It appears you have put together a wonderful itinerary. You can take the overnight train from Paris to Florence. This train will be about 12 hours in journey time and you will be able to rest through the night and be ready to explore Florence in the morning. You can purchase a point to point ticket for this overnight train by using the following link:

    Based on the itinerary you have provided I would recommend a Eurail Select Pass for 4 countries for 5 days of travel. You will include seat reservations for the trains by using the following link:
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