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Travelers beware of pick pockets!!

Pick pockets are a big problem on the trains in Paris. We never thought it would happen to us, but it did. The Gare du Nord train to CDG airport should have more police coverage to combat this problem. We were victimized on May 1st by a well dressed black man who quickly boarded and then exited the train after bumping into my husband and stealing his wallet from his zippered front pocket. Travelers beware, keep everything in a guarded neck or waist travel pouch. We are concerned that our identity could've been stolen. There were no police in that area. This happens to be a very vulnerable place for travelers who are weighted down with luggage and boarding a train for a half hour ride to the airport with no stops in between. I can't stress enough how helpful more security would be. We will think twice about taking a train again when in this situation. A taxi would be more costly, but much more peace of mind, not to mention safer.
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