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I am arriving in Rome to go to a wedding in Siena this summer. I heard that taking the high speed train from Rome to Florence then another train from Florence to Siena is the best way to get there. How do I make sure I book a high speed train and not a regular train? How can I book both these tickets? Do I have to book my train ticket from Rome to Florence first then book another ticket for Florence to Siena? When I book my tickets, do I have to pick an exact time to travel or can it be open for day? I am afraid of delays and missing the train or connecting trains.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) February 05, 2018 20:43
    Hi Tony,

    Yes, a connection from Rome to Siena does involve taking a high-speed train to Florence. In Florence, you switch to a regional train that will take you to Siena.

    You would check schedules and purchase tickets by searching a route under 'BOOK TRAIN TICKETS' on the homepage of our website, You can either do a search for the full route from Rome to Siena, or else you can break up your search in Florence and do a separate search for each segment (one search from Rome to Florence and another search from Florence to Siena).

    Rest assured, the vast majority of direct trains from Rome to Florence are high-speed. The high-speed trains from Rome to Florence only take about 1.5 hours or even less. You can also identify them by their names. The high-speed trains from Rome to Florence are Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Italo trains. When you do a search on our website, these trains will be labeled accordingly.

    There are some regional trains from Rome to Florence. These would be labeled as 'Regionale Veloce', so just be sure to avoid these when you're purchasing your tickets.

    If you do a search from Rome to Siena on our site, you would view the train types by clicking anywhere on a particular departure or hovering your cursor over the small question mark.


    When you hover over the question mark for a connection from Rome to Siena, it would say something like 'Frecciarossa' + Regionale'. In this case, 'Frecciarossa' would refer to the first segment (Rome to Florence), while 'Regionale' would refer to the second segment (Florence-Siena). This is shown in more detail if you click on it.

    If when you hover over the question mark for a departure it says something like 'Regionale Veloce + Regionale', that means that particular connection is comprised of a regional train for both segments. You just want to be sure to choose a departure that shows one of the high-speed trains for the first segment.
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