Traveling for 3 months with my 12 year old grand daughter beginning 23 April 2019

Can I use the global pass if I am a US citizen but have family that are citizens in Germany. Which rail pass is the best to travel the most? I would like to purchase today to save money.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 29, 2018 14:54
    Hi Renee,

    Yes, U.S. citizens are eligible to purchase Eurail Passes.

    The kind of pass you purchase depends on your specific plans and various other factors. Most rail passes have a validity period of 1 or 2 months. In fact, there is no rail pass with a validity period of longer than 2 months, except for the 3 month consecutive version of the Eurail Global Pass. The Eurail Global Pass is the pass that covers 28 different European countries. Ending today at 4pm CT, there is a Cyber Week promotion for 37% off Eurail Global Passes.

    For the Eurail Global Pass, you would click here:

    For the most comfortable experience, 1st class is recommended.
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