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I’m confused

Traveling from Budapest to Istambul, then to Athenas and using the ferry to Italy with the eurail global pass, what is the best route to do?

Hello we are planning our trip to Europe for next May; we are planning to get the 2 mo. continous global pass. Our arrival city is London, then Paris, then Amsterdan. From Amsterdan we would like to visit Munich, is there a direct train or what is the best connection? then we are planning to spend 1 night in Munich and then Prague x 3 nights, then ride the train to Viena spend 1 night there and head up to Budapest. any reccomendations for the best connections?
Our biggest concern now is to plan the route from Budapest to Istambul and then Istambul to Athens and then return to Bari, Italy. Please help us. Thank you very much. Rosa
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  • Dave (Official Rep) July 30, 2018 15:51
    Hello Rosa,

    Sounds like quite an itinerary! Should be lots of fun.

    While it is possible to travel by train from Budapest to Istanbul, the reality is this consists of about 36 hours of travel, most likely 2 or 3 overnight trains which we were here in the US are unable to book (only available to reserve locally). The same would apply from Istanbul to Athens, so for those portions of the trip I would honestly recommend flying. 2 or 3 days vs just a few hours, the choice is clear.

    From Athens to Bari, the Eurail Global Pass will offer discounts on select ferries between the two, so that is certainly an option.
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