Traveling from Paris to Interlaken: to Pass or Not to Pass


We will be traveling from Laval to Paris to Interlaken and have been comparing prices between buying tickets a la cart or using a pass. Since we will be traveling all in one day, I was thinking of getting the France Day Pass to get us from Paris to the border city of Lausanne or Basel then switching to the Swiss Card or Half-Price Card. If I use the France day pass, how much extra will it cost to get reserved seats for these trains? The Swiss Cards or Half Fare Cards must be purchased at the bordering station so I am afraid that we will then not have a confirmed seat into Interlaken. I think there is about a $200 savings to get a pass vs. A la carte, but with reservation fees am wondering it is worth the hassel and maybe just buy them a la carte and be done with it? Any recommendations?? Thanks!
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  • Good morning Melissa,

    Sounds like a good plan! A pass holder seat reservation costs between $11- 40 per person for the journey between Paris and Basel and reservations are not necessary of the train between Basel and Interlaken (seat reservations are only necessary on the scenic trains in Switzerland). Seat reservations can be purchased about 90 days before train departure date by following this link:

    If you are only traveling one way on this itinerary - buying tickets instead of the passes may make more sense. The tickets from Paris to Basel, including the mandatory seat reservations for the travels through France are about $215.00 per person in 2nd class. A France Day Pass and a Swiss Card cost about $320.00. The Swiss Card does offer some great bonus discounts and that may make the cost more reasonable. The Swiss Transfer Card is also an option for you - and would drop the cost of the 2 pass option to about $260 in 2nd class.

    Please follow these links for more specific information of these two Swiss Products:

    I hope this information is helpful - please let me know if I can assist in any other way

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