Travelling Barcelona-Hague with 1 year old and dog

Hello! We will travel from Barcelona - Paris, then Paris - Hague, then Hague - Ghent. We are two adults, a 1-year old and a 3 kg dog. Two questions. 1) Here we can only book kids from 4 year, how about a 1 year old? 2) Can you book pet tickets? Best, Lena
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  • Children under 4 are free as a result they are not ticketed travelers and you would not enter a child under 4 in your order.

    Dogs are allowed on all the trains on your itinerary, however they may need to be contained in a pet carrier or wear a muzzle or leash. Some trains require advance reservations for pets. Unfortunately, Rail Europe cannot make reservations for your pet. This will need to be done locally. In general, dogs normally travel at half the fare of a second class ticket, payable directly to the conductor.
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