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I am planning to travel from Frankfurt to Munich, Munich to Augsburg, Augsburg to Salzburg, and Salzburg to Vienna by train over a period of 5 days in late September. Should I purchase both the Germany and Austria passes, or purchase all journeys separately? Does the Germany Pass allow me to travel from Augsburg to Salzburg?

Lastly, is it worth to buy the city passes for subway/bus travel within the above cities?

Thank you =)
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 12, 2013 20:26
    Hi Mary,

    You would not need to purchase separate passes for both Germany and Austria, as there is a dual country pass that includes both of those countries called the Eurail Austria-Germany Pass. For that many trips, it would be most economical for you to purchase a Eurail Austria-Germany Pass, as opposed to point-to-point tickets.

    You can find the Eurail Austria-Germany Pass to purchase here: .

    In addition to your pass, reservations would be highly recommended on the trains from Frankfurt to Munich, Augsburg to Salzburg, and Salzburg to Vienna.

    After you add the pass to your 'Itinerary' (shopping cart), you would click 'Continue Shopping' to add reservations for these trains. On the next screen, you would then click 'Buy a Reservation' under where it says 'Reservations for Pass Holders' (to check reservation costs and schedules beforehand, you would click on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on the homepage of our website,

    Some trains from Munich to Augsburg do accept reservations; however, the rail pass is actually all you would need to board.

    Of the cities you mentioned, we would have city passes for Frankfurt (the Frankfurt Card), Salzburg (the Salzburg Card), and Vienna (the Vienna Card).

    The Frankfurt Card covers public transportation in Frankfurt, including the U-Bahn, the S-Bahn, and buses, as well as discounts to over 26 historic sights, museums, and galleries. You can purchase the Frankfurt Card here: .

    The Salzburg Card covers transportation in zone S of Salzburg's public transportation system, including the Fortress Funicular, the Untersberg Cable Car, and Panoramic Boat Cruise, as well as free entry to over 20 museums and attractions. You can purchase the Salzburg Card here: .

    The Vienna Card covers public transportation on the metro/underground, buses, and trams in Vienna, as well as various discounts on guided tours, music, theatre, shopping, and restaurants around the city. You can purchase the Vienna Card here: .

    These passes are certainly a benefit if you plan on using the public transportation networks in each city to get around.

    As for Munich, rail passes that include Germany do cover S-Bahn trains (with the exception of certain S-Bahn lines in Berlin), so you would be able to use the Eurail Austria-Germany Pass to take the S-Bahn around the city. With that said, the rail pass would not cover U-Bahn trains or buses around the city.
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