Trying to reserving a TGV train from Paris to Bordeaux with a Eurail Global Pass

I have a Eurail Global Pass and I am trying to make a reservation for a journey from Paris to Bordeaux (second class) on July 3rd 2014, but I am receiving the message "unable to find reservations that are compatible with your rail pass for this train." (I am using the RailEurope website from Canada)

To compare, I tried searching for the journey within the next few days and I get the same message. Is this an error related to the rail strike in France going on currently? Or do I have to make the reservation in person in Paris? Or is my pass not valid for this route?

Thank you.
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  • Hi Rick,

    For that route, it is possible that all the Eurail passholder fares for the train from Paris to Bordeaux are sold out.

    I do show a few trains that have the passholder fares available, however, there are very few seats. You may need to adjust the departure time on the website to find these fares.

    If you are still having difficulty, you can contact us to book your reservations.

    Thank you,
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