I’m really annoyed

trying to book a ticket, gives error "PAST_DATE"

there's no further explanation for how to resolve whatever it thinks the problem is. just "error.PAST_DATE" after i enter and submit the payment information. i've tried it at least 10 times now. it makes no sense. wish this website actually worked. the dates i'm selecting are NOT in the past. can't call, they're closed.
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  • Hi Ryan,
    In order to figure out why you are receiving the error online, you would need to contact us at 800-438-7245. We do have limited hours on the weekends as we are currently only open from 9am-5pm EST on Saturdays and Sundays. You can also email us at customercare@raileurope.com and we can assist you there as well.

    We do also have our Live Chat open from 10am-7pm EST Monday through Friday and they would be more than happy to walk through the booking process with you to figure out why you are receiving that error message.

    We are sorry that we are not able to assist you further here, however, please contact us as soon as possible so that we are able to determine why you are receiving that error message.

    Thank you,
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