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I’m undecided

Trying to save a day! Resident of India.

Hi, Arvind from India.
Have a query and will be thankful for responses.
Am planning to buy a European East Pass (5 days in a month). Will be travelling from Prague to Budapest to Zell am See and a few more places in Austria.

The query is this:
I leave from Prague to Budapest by a direct train leaving 00 .05 hrs of 9th June. The same night, I take a train leaving Budapest (21.10pm)to Zell Am See (6.22 am)with a change in Salzburg (3 am)....will this count as one travel day or two?

The issue is, within Austria, with Zell Am See as base, we plan to travel to Salzburg, Innsbruck, Isgyl and Vienna on separate days....that alone requires 4 travel days. In which case, if the first leg from Prague to Budapest to Zell is counted as two travel days, then we will have to cut short our travel within Austria which we wanted to cover well...
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 18, 2012 16:20
    Hi Arvind,

    Your travel from Prague to Budapest and then from Budapest to Zell Am See would use up 2 days of rail travel on a pass.

    You have contacted the North American rail pass and rail ticket consolidator for the various national rail networks of Europe. Due to local restrictions, we are only able to sell to residents of countries in North America. If you are a citizen of India, then you would have to place your order through our affliated website in India, which is
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