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Two Seniors on Tour 2013

Having returned from a few days visiting Lausanne and really enjoyed the efficent rail travel available our thoughts are now about planning a more detailed trip to Lausanne in early 2013. We are 2 senior citizens and we wish to travel on railways while there visiting Strasburg, Basel, Paris.

Can you please advise on best tickets to purchase. We are very short of experience of rail travel in Europe
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  • Hi Gerard,

    The tickets for your travel will be available 90 days in advance. I would recommend you check on current fares and schedules to get an idea of what the schedules and fares may be in early 2013. I would suggest comparing the cost of the point to point tickets and the cost of a rail pass. You can view the cost of point to point tickets using current dates under 'Where are you Going' , to find the cost of the rail pass you will click on 'Find & Book Rail Passes'.
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