I’m frustrated

Unable to Change Name on ticket, Rep said "You just lost $150"

Booked 2 passes going from London to Paris. For my mother's ticket, I put her middle name instead of her first, because thats what she usually uses. When I googled up changing her name on the ticket, a few results came up with support answering, saying just call the number; nothing saying "sorry, no can do".

So I call in, and the CS Rep has a hard time communicating with me (gives me a bit of an attitude as well), understanding my problem. At first she says the middle name should be fine if its on the passport, but then says she'll double check with her manager. Comes back and she just says no there's nothing we can do, and in her exact words said "You lost $150 you're going to have to just rebook it." Understandably, at this I was frustrated at this, and asked if nothing could be done, she just says no, you lost your money and you have to rebook. I say ok its fine tell her to have a good day and hang up.
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