Need to go from Barcelona to Madrid with a Eurail Portugal-Spain Pass, but I'm unable to find reservations that are compatible with my rail pass.


I was trying to book reservations for a train between Barcelona and Madrid. I have the Eurail Portugal - Spain Pass.

When I've looked up the different train reservations, there are many that come back with a question mark stating "This train requires travelers with a rail pass to purchase a reservation but we are unable to find reservations that are compatible with your rail pass for this train."

Why does this message pop up on some of the departure time options and not the others? I thought with my eurail pass I'd be able to reserve any of the trains operated by RENFE.

Also, these departure times are much more expensive ($133 compared to $13). If I reserved the more expensive time, would I be able to get refunded the difference?

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 17, 2015 15:05
    Hi Derrick.

    When doing a passholder search for this route on our site, it will only quote passholder fares for the first 5 trains following the preferred departure time that you chose when you entered the criteria of your search. To be quoted the passholder fares for any train that departs after the last of those 5 trains, you would just have to adjust your preferred departure time accordingly when you enter the criteria of your search. Therefore, when doing your search, you would choose the specific hour for each set of departures you wish to view (i.e. '11 am' for trains that depart during the 11 o'clock hour, '02 pm' for trains that depart during the 2 o'clock hour, etc). We apologize for any confusion.

    If it happens that our site still only quotes the full fare tickets for a particular train you're interested in, it could mean that the passholder fares for that train have already sold out or that the national rail network of Spain hasn't yet enabled them to be booked. If you'd like to verify what's available on a particular train, you would have to call us at 1-800-622-8600. Generally, trains from Barcelona to Madrid (high-speed 'AVE' trains) can be booked once within 90 days of an intended date of departure, but sometimes the national rail network of Spain can take longer to make some of their fares available for purchase. However, I would suspect that by adjusting your preferred departure time according to your needs, you will be able to view the passholder fares.
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