I’m frustrated

Reservation for Thello night train Milan - Paris with Eurail Global Pass unavailable

I ́m trying to book a night reservation from Milan to Paris on April 10th, 2012.
Leaves at 11:38pm and arrives at 9:29 am.
I have an Eurail Global Pass.

When search results are displayed, there is a text saying "This train requires the passholder to purchase a seat reservation." and there is no button to add to cart.

I am already logged in as the main passholder and selected the Eurail Global Pass on search form.

Can you help me? Thanks in advance
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  • Hi Aurora,

    Sorry for the confusion with regards to our reservation booking engine. The reason why you do not see a button to add the reservation to your cart for this schedule is because the Thello night train actually does not offer reservation for travelers with a rail pass. You should either book a day train or purchase a regular ticket if you want to travel on the Thello night train.
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