Upgrading with a 2nd class Pass for a trip from munich to berlin overnight.

Can someone tell me how much more it would be to upgrade my 2nd class German rail pass for an overnight train from Munich to Berlin in a comfort cabin for two. Or where I could find this information. Thank you so much.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 25, 2013 16:08
    Hi Kate,

    While double sleeping compartments are generally considered 1st class, a 2nd class rail pass would actually be valid to cover the ticket costs for a double compartment on the overnight train from Munich to Berlin. City Night Line, the operator for this service, just happens to accept 2nd class rail passes to cover the ticket costs for their double compartments. You would just need to purchase reservations, as would be needed even if you had a 1st class rail pass.

    Since you'll be traveling with a rail pass, you would check reservation costs for a double compartment on this train by clicking on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. Even if your rail pass is for 2nd class travel, you would just click the radio button for 1st class where it asks the 'Class of Service' in order to be quoted the reservation costs for a double sleeping compartment.

    To view the type of sleeping compartments being offered for the night train, you would just click on 'View' (listed with the fare) when you pull up the results of your search.

    While day trains in Germany can generally only be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure, the night train between Munich and Berlin can often be booked 90 to 180 days in advance of a departure date. Space on night trains can sell out quickly; however, so it would be recommended that the reservations be booked as soon as it is possible to do so.
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