US youth travelling in England & Scotland with British Grandparent. Is there a student pass?


My 17 year old daughter is headed to England (from the States) in June. She will be travelling with her British gandmother from England to Scotland and possibly taking a few other trips by rail in England. Her grandmother said that we need to purchase a student pass ahead of time so that they can order her train tickets at a discount. Is there a student pass or card that we purchase? If so, how do I do this? I can't see anything on the US website to do this.

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 29, 2015 17:44

    There are no 'student' discounts on any rail passes we offer for rail travel in Europe. With that said, the BritRail Pass (the pass covering England and Scotland, as well as Wales) does offer 'youth' rates for travelers' under the age of 26. You would purchase the BritRail Pass here:

    To be quoted the youth rate, you would choose the 'Youth/Child (4-25)' option from the drop-down menu under where it asks 'Who is traveling?' once you've accessed the page for the BritRail Pass on our site.

    Please note, however, we are not able to sell the BritRail Pass to residents of the United Kingdom. Therefore, your daughter's grandmother would have to purchase something locally to cover her travels.
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