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Validate France Rail Pass at Geneva CFF train station

Dear Sir / Madam

I am from Hong Kong. I've bought a France Rail Pass and going to buy the TGV ticket from Geneva to Avignon on 4 Jul 2014. Please advise if I can validate my France Rail Pass at Geneva CFF train station because the agent here told me NO., but I found the terms in fare details said OK.

Thank you for your kind attention and looking forward to your reply.

Best regards
LAU Chi Kwong
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 13, 2014 18:29

    The France Rail Passes that we issue would not be able to be validated at the station in Geneva. However, if you are from Hong Kong, you would have booked through a separate agent there, and they would be who you would need to contact with questions about your specific order. The website for the agent you would contact with your inquiry is

    We are the United States-based seller of European tickets and passes for North American countries. We are generally not able to sell to residents of countries outside of North America, due to local restrictions. Residents of countries outside of North America would have to book through an affiliated agent in their own country or region.
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