Is the Voralpen Express covered by a Eurail Select Pass? Is it possible to make a reservation?

Can a Eurail Select Pass be used for travel on the Voralpen Express and is there a supplementary charge. Is it possible to make a reservation.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 11, 2017 21:26
    Hi Roger,

    Any rail pass that includes Switzerland is valid on the Voralpen Express between Lucerne and St Gallen. The Voralpen Express actually does not even accept reservations, so the Eurail Select Pass is all you'll need to board.

    For planning purposes, you can still view schedules for trains from Lucerne to St Gallen (or St Gallen to Lucerne) by searching the route right on our homepage,

    Due to an error, when you pull up the results of your search, there may be a message attached to these trains indicating that reservations are recommended. Please disregard any message indicating that reservations are recommended on these trains, as that is not the case. Rest assured, the Eurail Select Pass is all you'll need to board.
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