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What is the "Rail Europe voucher" needed to add trips & tours to an itinerary?

I am buying two one-way, one-time RENFE train tickets from Madrid to Salamanca (one for me and one for my boyfriend). When I go to check out, there are suggestions for day trips to Toledo, city passes for Madrid and Salamanca, etc. In the conditions for adding one of these to my itinerary, it says that I would have to exchange my "Rail Europe voucher" to get the card/pass etc. What exactly is the Rail Europe voucher? Is that just my receipt for buying a one-way trip with Rail Europe, or is that something I would only get if I bought a monthly rail pass? I'm a little unclear on what that means and don't want to add one of these activities to my itinerary and pay for it if the voucher isn't something I will receive with a one-time buy.

If I do get the voucher with just a one-time buy, can I only exchange it for one trip? For example, I wouldn't be able to add the Madrid Card and the Excursion to Toledo, right?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 02, 2015 17:19
    Hi Camille Marie. Thank you for your question.

    The items you're referring to are separate from rail tickets.

    The Toledo Card, the Salamanca Card, and the Madrid Card don't cover transportation. These passes only cover entry to museums and attractions in those cities. Therefore, with these passes, you would still have to account for your transportation. For each of these items, we issue vouchers that would still need to be exchanged locally for the actual passes.

    You would purchase the Toledo Card here: http://www.raileurope.com/activities/toledo-card/index.html.

    You would purchase the Salamanca Card here: http://www.raileurope.com/activities/salamanca-card/index.html.

    You would purchase the Madrid Card here: http://www.raileurope.com/activities/madrid-card/index.html.

    To access the locations where the vouchers for these passes would have to be exchanged, you would click on the 'FAQ' tab once you have accessed the pages for these passes on our website.

    The 'Excursion to Toledo' is different in that it covers actual transportation to Toledo from Madrid. The 'Excursion to Toledo' includes a bus ride between Madrid and Toledo, as well as a tour of Toledo itself. Therefore, if you purchase the 'Excursion to Toledo', you would not have to purchase actual rail tickets to travel between Madrid and Toledo. For the 'Excursion to Toledo' also, we would issue a voucher that would still have to be exchanged locally. The voucher we issue for the 'Excursion to Toledo' would just be exchanged at the departure point for the bus to Toledo.
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