What is the ticketing time limit


Do I need to print my ticket at the station before the ticketing time limit mentioned on my pdf doc?
It is also mentioned in Ticket delivery rule "THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL".

Would you clarify?
I wont be able to print my ticket at the station that early, I'll be on the plane
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) January 22, 2018 15:25
    Hi Maha,

    Rest assured, the 'ticketing time limit' has nothing to do with printing your ticket. The 'ticketing time limit' is just an indicator of when we need to process your order. As long as your order has been processed and finalized on our end, you can completely disregard the 'ticketing time limit'.

    The message "THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL" refers to your email confirmation/booking summary (because the email confirmation/booking summary is not able to serve as your ticket).
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