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What happens if you can't find an open seat with an open ticket? Do you have to wait for another train?

With an open ticket, what happens if you can't find an open seat on a train? Do you have to take another train? Or can you still travel on the train? Are you allowed to travel standing, for example?
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  • Hi Tom,

    If there are no open seats available, you can either wait for the next train or stay on the same train. If you have a first class ticket, you can always sit in 2nd class if there is space available.
    We do recommend that you arrive at the station at least a half hour to 45 minutes prior to train departure. This way you are on the platform and have a better chance of obtaining a seat in the class of service for which you purchased your ticket.
    I hope this information is helpful to you and that you are able to travel on the train which you select.

    Thank you,
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