What is my best option for 6 train trips over 15 days

Hi - we are arriving in London Aug 30th - we plan on spending 2 weeks in London, then touring various cities/towns in England starting with Bath on Sept 12th - including Bath we require 6 separate train tickets (Oxford, Windermere, York, Cambridge, back to London) - this is for my husband and I, both under age 60 - we fly back to Canada on Sept 29th - what is our best, and most economical option? thank you
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 30, 2013 20:34
    Hi Suzanne,

    For that many trips, your most economical option is likely to be the BritRail England Pass. You can purchase the BritRail England Pass here: http://www.raileurope.ca/rail-tickets... .

    Otherwise, you can check the cost of regular point-to-point tickets by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on the homepage of our Canadian website, www.raileurope.ca.

    The BritRail England Pass is a pass that offers discounted rates for senior travelers. Passengers 60 years of age and older would be eligible to purchase this pass at the senior rate. Once you have accessed the page for this pass on on our website, you would just indicate the number of senior passengers traveling from the drop-down list under 'Age 60+' where it asks 'How Many Travelers Are In Each Age Category?'.

    For your stay in London, you might also want to consider one of our many citypasses, such as the London Travel Card. The London Travel Card is a pass that would cover travel on the Tube, as well as London's buses.

    The direct link for our various London city passes is: http://www.raileurope.ca/en/activitie... .

    If you ever wish to see what city passes may be offered for a particular city, you would click on 'Activities' from the homepage of our website and then identify the city and country where prompted.
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