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What is the best option? Krakow to Prague night train with Eurail Global Pass!

Hi, I am having an issue with travel from Krakow to Prague via the night train. I will have a Eurail Global pass and I know poland is not included. However, I have not found an answer to this question anywhere! Poland is the first country I will be arriving in. I will be in Warsaw for 2 days and then krakow for 2 days. The train is very cheap between Warsaw and Krakow and is not a problem. However, the next stop after Krakow is Prague. Is it possible to validate our Eurail Global Passes in Poland and only have to pay the portion of the trip up to the Polish/Czech border? Or do I have to purchase the entire ticket? I plan on getting a couchette, either 4 person or 2 person. The Eurail Poland pass is cheaper than the two poland tickets combined, but does that cover your international travel completely? I would assume there is a fee for the night train on top of that, which would make it no longer cheaper. What should I do? I need an answer to this! Thank you to anyone who can help!
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