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we are traveling on May 7 2014 from Heathrow to Moreton on Marsh and return to
London on May 14 2014. We will probably need to addnl days of train travel for day trips outside of London. What is the best pass to get....flexi pass
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  • Hi Ray,

    Depending on where you will be taking day trips to, you may only need the Britrail London Plus pass. You can book 2 or 4 days within 8 days or 7 days of travel within 15 days. This also includes tickets on the Heathrow Express.
    If you are traveling outside of the cities available for this pass, you would then need to purchase the Britrail England Pass.
    You can find information regarding these passes by clicking on the following link: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-ticket...
    You would then select England and the page will scroll to the passes offered for that area.
    I hope this helps you in planning your itinerary.
    Thank you,
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