What is the difference between the Flexi & the Continuous Eurail Global Pass

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 15, 2017 19:18
    Hi Monique,

    Rail passes can be offered in two different basic formats: 'consecutive' ('continuous') and 'flexi'. Many passes can only be offered in 'flexi' form, but the Eurail Global Pass offers both options.

    Continuous just means that you would be allowed unlimited travel within the indicated time frame. Therefore, if you were to purchase the 15 day 'continuous' pass, that means you would be entitled to unlimited travel within that time frame of 15 days.

    In contrast, a 'flexipass' allows for a set number of travel days that must be completed within a longer time frame. 'Travel days' on a 'flexipass' refer to how many separate days you plan on using your rail pass. A ‘travel day’ is a 24-hour period from midnight to midnight. You may take as many trains as you wish during the 24-hour time frame and still only use one day of travel on a pass. For instance, if you were take a day train from 'city A' to 'city B' and then take a connecting train to 'city C' on the same day, then you would only use up one day of travel on your rail pass. In contrast, if you were to take that connecting train to 'city C' on the next day, that would constitute 2 days of rail travel on your pass.

    'Travel days' aren't applicable to the 'continuous' day passes, since the 'continuous' passes are for unlimited travel within the time frame allowed.
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    I would like to fly into Zurich, yet most of my 2-3wks. will be in Italy. What would you suggest for train travel options. I am 64yrs. old, so do I get a special rate? Can I travel 2nd class and save money? What is the accomodation difference between 1st and 2nd class regarding.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) May 26, 2017 19:10
      Hi Susan,

      What to purchase for your travels would depend on the specifics of the itinerary itself and various other factors. If you’d like assistance determining the best option for an itinerary, you would call us. We can be reached at 1-800-622-8600. Our current hours are 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM CT Monday to Friday and 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CT on Saturdays.

      On trains in Europe, 1st class offers larger, more comfortable seats with more leg room. Train cars in 1st class also would feel less crowded, since there are generally fewer seats per train car. You can view information about the type of accommodation/class of service by clicking the 'View' button for a fare that displays.
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