Where would I find private cabins, sleeper cars between Prague and Amsterdam?

I tried to book a single sleep from Prague to Basel, had the reservation confirmed, had my cc charged - only to have the company email me saying there were NO single sleepers to Basel.
Had a horrible round trip train from Prague (80 year old Soviet East German prison transport - converted to "civilian usage").
But now that I have had a chance to reflect (the trip was planned on very short notice, and the people responsible for my travel arrangements did not do much) I discover there are LOTS and LOTS of options for train travel in Europe!
So I am looking for a RELIABLE company that can book me private cabins or single sleepers (bed, shower, private toilet), and maybe even a real dining car for travel through Europe!
This last trip was my first train trip in 30 years, so I do not even know what questions to ask (or more correctly - I do not know what I do not know...)
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