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I’m excited and overwhelmed

Which pass makes the most sense to purchase?

I am traveling for the first time to Europe with my kids. It is part work and part fun, and completely stressful to plan all the moving parts:)

It would be great to have some advice! Especially on the rail passes, but feel free to add any other great travel w/ kids advice:)

My kids and I are flying into Paris, but going to Bamberg, Germany. Then we will visit Amsterdam and Brussels; go back to Bamberg; then I will go to Berlin for work for a week, then go back to Bamberg to pick up kids from family friends; we then head back to Paris to fly home. I was thinking of getting the 10 day global Eurorail pass. Does that make the most since?

Actual distance travel days are:
-Paris to Bamberg
-Bamberg to Amsterdam
-Amsterdam to Brussels
-Brussels to Bamberg
-Bamberg to Berlin
-Berlin to Bamberg
-Bamberg to Paris

Total travel days is 7 (from 7/14 - 8/8)
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