How do I know which station to choose? Why are ticket costs different for the same trip?

Never been to Europe, arriving in less then 3 weeks, need multiple city one way tickets but there are more then one station in a city. How do I know which one to pick? Why when the train ride is the same length and same class, the price is different... is it because of the train company or the location of the station?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 25, 2014 16:56
    Thank you for your question.

    In a city with multiple train stations, such as Paris, the station a train arrives into depends on the particular region or direction it comes from (i.e. trains from Nice to Paris would only arrive into the 'Gare de Lyon' station in Paris and not any other station). Along those same lines, the station a train departs from in such a city depends on the particular region it goes to. Therefore, you would generally not be able to choose the station you depart from or arrive into for a particular trip.

    Other major cities generally still only have one main station, in which case that would be the station you would be taken into no matter where you're arriving in from. In any case, stations are generally centrally located in cities. Any station names are displayed when you pull up the results of a schedule search on our site. If multiple stations stations happen to be reflected for a particular trip, you can always use some form of public transportation or local metro to commute from any one of them to where you need to be in the city. If you'll be staying at a hotel and are unsure, you can always try checking with your hotel before booking tickets.

    Ticket costs can vary between trains (even if operated by the same company), and all fares are subject to change. Certain trains have a tiered system of ticket costs, the best of which can sell out quickly. Once the best rates sell out on such a train, the next best would be quoted to you for that train. It may end up being the case in some instances that the best rates are sold out on one such train but not another. With such trains, the costs are often contingent upon the refund and exchange policies for each fare.
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