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Will a Swiss Rail pass cover a trip from Milan to Zurich?

We will traveling on trains in Switzerland for 4 days but our rail trip will originate in Milan. Will a Swiss Rail pass cover a trip from Milan to Zurich or do I need to purchase a two-country pass to cover the part of that trip that is in Italy?
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  • Hello Barbara,

    The Swiss Pass will cover your train journey from the border city in Switzerland and on into Switzerland. And as a Swiss Pass holder, you are offered a discounted ticket for the journey between Milan and Zurich. Please follow the below steps:

    1. Click on:

    Indicate that you are a Swiss Pass holder and enter the city pairs and date of travel.

    2. Choose a fare from the train that works best for you.

    3. Read the "Ticket Flexibility" information for the chosen fare. If the fare advises that is a "Pass holder 2" or "Pass holder 3 fare"- the fare would work for you. You will read that this type of fare is available to travelers with a valid Swiss Pass.

    Once you've decided on the train which works best for you, just add this seat request to your shopping card and continue shopping or check out. It's that easy! And you will be assured that you have all the necessary documents to travel from Milan directly to Zurich.

    I hope this information was helpful and my apologies for the delay in the response to your request -

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