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How much time do I need to connect to my flight?

Hi, I have a brit rail pass and reservations on train from Edinburgh to London in early July. I arrive in London at noon and my flight is at 16:00 from Heathrow. Do I have enough time to make my flight. If not, how can I change my reservations to take the earlier train that would arrive in London at 10:49 am? Will it make that much difference to to have 5 hrs. instead of 4?
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  • Post is assuming that you are taking an international (non-EU) flight. In my experience with Heathrow, extra time is rarely a bad thing.

    I don't know what station your train is coming into. IF you are coming into Paddington, take the Heathrow Express that runs directly from Paddington to Heathrow and takes about 15 - 20 minutes. It's about $30, but IMHO totally worth it for your stress level alone. Taking the regular tube (Underground) is about an hour if there are no stoppages.

    IF this is NOT your scenario (at Paddington Station at 12:00), personally I would try to change my train ticket to come in earlier.

    Getting from Central London to Heathrow within some sort of reliable timeframe is always a challenge, and then the check-in times at Heathrow can be a nightmare for no apparent reason. If you get there early, you have time to kick back with a beer before your flight.
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