Winter Euro Trip - Youth

Your enlightenment will extremely be helpful with regards to which pass we should get on our upcoming Euro Trip on January-February 2014. My friend and I will be traveling and I am researching whether getting the Eurail Global Pass will be worth it or better to get the country specific passes. I am 25y/o and he is 23y/o so I would assume that we still fall under the youth category.

We plan to mostly go around by trains crossing the countries as well as hopping on and off on local subways and buses.

Below is our itinerary in chronology order for your reference:

Jan 25 - Jan 27 : Netherlands
*Tentative day trip to Belgium
Jan 27 - Jan 30 : France
Jan 30 - Feb 02 : Switzerland
*Tentative day trip to Germany
Feb 02 - Feb 08 : Italy (Milan, Venice, Turin, Florence, Rome, Naples)

We plan to max out and go around different places in Switzerland and Italy the most. The tentative day trip to Belgium and Germany are not a high priority as of the moment -- only if the pass (without additional cost) and if time permits.

Please advise the best option and the additional discount that we could get if we purchase early.

Thank you very much and I look forward to your reply.
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  • Hi Maurice,

    According to the above itinerary, I would recommend the Eurail Global Pass. Yes, you would both still be able to choose the youth pass as long as you are not 26 before you travel.

    I would also recommend pricing out full fare tickets just to be sure that they would not be less expensive. However, you would need to know the exact date, time and routings of the tickets you wish to purchase.

    If you need further assistance, you can contact us at 800-622-8600 and one of our Travel Consultants will be able to assist you further with your request.

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