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I’m a bit concerned

Would love Tips for making a train connection in Linz, going to Salzburg from Prague

I am planning to go to Saltzburg from Prague in July 2014, looking at the train schedules, it appears that there is no direct train and that we have to change trains in Linz Austria AND that the largest amount of time between trains, i.e. the only time available to make the transition is 23 minutes. So
1. Is this enough time?
2. What happens to the ticket if we miss the connection...?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 25, 2014 18:16
    Hi Irene,

    Yes, that is more than enough time to change trains at the station in Linz. A common minimum connection time is 7 to 10 minutes for changing trains at the typical station in Europe. Rest assured, 23 minutes is sufficient for you to change trains at the station in Linz.

    In any case, you can view even more options and arrange for a connection time of your choosing by doing a separate search for each segment of the connection.

    Also, while trains from Salzburg to Linz and Linz to Prague are generally able to be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure, they are currently only able to be booked for dates as far out as 60 days from now. Since your intended travel happens to fall outside of this time frame, you would just enter an earlier date, within the next 60 days, to get an idea of the schedules and ticket costs for these trains.

    Tickets for these trains are 'open tickets', which would be valid on a later train, should you miss the specific train you selected on our website. Open tickets are valid to take any single train operating between the cities listed on the ticket for a 15 day time period beginning on the date you performed your search for when you placed your order. As such, open tickets do not even reflect actual departure and arrival times, even though you would still be selecting a specific train on our website.
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