I’m very frustrated

Wrong Dates on tickets

We booked a family sleeper on the Elipsos (Paris to Barcelona) last April for a trip in July. I exchange seven e-mails and several phone calls to finalize the booking with Europerail. All along the booking process, the dates were fine, so we assumed that everything was OK and when the ticket arrived, my wife just filled them with all the rest of our traveling document. BIG MISTAKE, the night we were supposed to board the train, we found out that the our tickets were outdated by 2 days!!! We had to buy new tickets!!! Not double checking was a big mistake on our part. But when you receive e-mail after e-mail with the right dates you somehow assume that everything is fine. I still have all the e-mails showing the right dates, someone at EuropeRail changed the dates at the last minute. Only the tickets and the last e-mail are showing the wrong dates. EuropeRail has been contacted about this problem but no answer yet. Any recommandation on how to deal with that? Thanks.
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