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Wrong Reservation Date

I thought I made my reservation for the 14th of February from Florence to Milan. But looking at a picture I took once I purchased the ticket I must have accidentally pressed the 15th of february. I can't find anywhere where I can look up my ticket details on the website and my confirmation email showed up completely blank, so I can't even find any help from that.

Is there a number I can call where someone can help me exchange my ticket in English? I just want to know if I can change it to the right date quickly because it's only a week away.
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  • Hi Catherine,

    If you booked your ticket on the www.raileurope.com website you can contact us at 800-622-8600 and one of our Travel Consultants will be able to assist you further. If you booked through a different website, you will need to contact that company directly as we only have access to bookings made on our website.

    I hope you are able to resolve the issue with your ticket before you travel.

    Thank you,
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  • I’m Furious, frustrated and poorer
    That telephone number is non-existent

    Mal Williams
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    • I am still trying to get my money refunded because of the fact that the website does not allow for corrections to be made to simple errors. I have taken this matter to trading standards and Citizens Advice in the UK as well as VISA because I don't think that internet trading should be such a trap for the unwary. I tried -unsuccessfully - to correct the error I made within minutes of having made it and got nothing but a mantra stating that the tickets I bought were non-transferable and non refundable - a fact that I was totally aware of. Your website, like many, asks me to fill in the travel date at the outset, which I did (28th June) but in manoeuvring around the websites I was looking at before deciding on the time of the tickets I bought (7.30 Naples to Florence) I did not notice that that date had refreshed as the 3rd June. (I did not insert that date) I noticed it when I immediately printed out the confirmation email. Your records will show how immediately I responded -allowing for a search of your website for a phone number to call -there is not one - I responded within half an hour. The first response I got from the only route of communication available was some day or more later. This is not satisfactory.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) August 25, 2014 15:12
      Hi Mal,

      Please note, this messageboard is for the United States-based seller of European tickets and passes for the North American market. We are generally not able to sell to residents of countries outside of North America, due to local restrictions. Residents of countries outside of North America would have to book through an affiliated agent in their own country or region. If you are from the UK, you would've likely placed your order through an entirely separate vendor there. The website for a vendor you may have booked through is http://uk.voyages-sncf.com/en/, and they would be who you'd have to contact with your inquiry, if that is the case.

      If you are from a country in North America and placed your order on www.raileurope.com or www.raileurope.ca, you would have to contact us either by calling us at 1-800-622-8600 or by sending an email to customercare@raileurope.com for assistance with your order.

      If you send an email, please be sure to include the booking number for your order, as well as your full first and last name. However, please note it can take up to 72 business hours to receive a reply with regard to email correspondence.

      We are not able to provide assistance with specific orders through this forum. With this being a public forum, we don't advise sharing order numbers or any other personal information here. Any posts containing such information would be removed for security purposes.

      Our phone number is found under the 'About Us' section of our website, which is linked to from the homepage.
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