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Zurich to Scuol most scenic route?


Our plane lands in Zurich on Friday morning, and we're trying to get to Scuol via train. Many forums mention a historic "Scenic Route" via Chur, but we're unable to find the name of this train line - Google shows a map of one route, but it's not via Chur. Specifically, we're looking to take the part of the train that passes the landwasser viaduct.

Could anyone help us figure out how to find the route we should be taking? I can't seem to find the best site to search for Swiss rail tickets - most don't even recognize Scuol as a destination when I perform a search.

Can anyone give us advice about how to get to Scuol? What sites should I be using to look up train information? Is there another name for Scuol-Tarasp station that I should be entering in a search?

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